Sarah McCartney

Sarah McCartney – Wildlife Illustrator and Artist

A Cornish artist illustrator, I live and work in Falmouth, a lively port on the River Fal. I studied art in London for many years finishing with a post graduate diploma in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts but returned to Cornwall in the early 90’s. Since then I have let Cornwall and the sea shape and influence my life and work, whether I am illustrating and designing or painting, drawing and making sculpture.


Front cover of Treasure from the Sea

With an extensive knowledge and love of the flora and fauna of Cornwall and having spent many years as illustrator and graphic designer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust my specialisation is wildlife illustration. Attention to detail and scientific accuracy being the cornerstones of my work. I am also experienced at painting maps for interpretation boards, illustrating trails and museum displays.

Recent work has been illustrating the children’s book ‘Treasure from the Sea’ written by Lisa Woollett. Published this May by Mabecron Books Ltd

Participating in Open Studios Cornwall 2018 21st to 28th May. Exhibition continues until 2nd June at The Poly, Falmouth.

Exhibition at The Poly, Falmouth, 21st May till 2nd June 2018. Open Studios Cornwall

Exhibition at The Poly, Falmouth, 21st May till 2nd June 2018

Illustrator, Sarah McCartney, painting one of the illustrations for recently publish, 'Treasure from the Sea'

Painting ‘Ally’s collection’ A page from recently published children’s book, ‘Treasure from the Sea’


I work from my home in Falmouth. There I have a studio for painting and drawing and a workshop for making stuff. I love to draw and paint but my passion is making. The workshop is where I pore resin, solder lights, bash metal and wood about and experiment. Using polyester resin I embed natural objects found on my walks around Cornwall. My sculpture is about time, memory and my relationship with the sea and land of my home. A collector, I gather things. Dust and insects, shells and birds wings, skulls and seed heads, bones, driftwood and things from the sea. Embedding what I find in resin and bees wax then framing with drift wood and gold leaf, verdigris copper or tin and lighting with LEDs, the objects and words I find become visual poems. Beach combing and wandering the Cornish coast is my passion where I search for beauty in the small and discarded.

Sarah McCartney, resin and LED wall sculptures. Working in her studio.

Working on one of the 100 LED resin sculptures.