Sarah McCartney

creating a website and not blogging

Sometimes so much happens I stop. Sometimes I need to tidy my studio but I don’t. I leave it and leave it and work throu

Book illustration

It’s been a long time since I posted in here. It’s been a busy year but not in my sculpture studio. Sadly the ligh

still life drawing…

First life drawing session of the year last night.  I am managing to go life drawing fairly regularly now.I spend much of

new year garage update…

It wasn’t that long ago that I did a big tidy up in my garage. Yet it was back to busy chaos again almost immediately an

more lego and mould making

Busy with illustration and other things but slowly plodding on in the garage with the 100 led peices. Another one soldered up

the first 100 led block lit

So I finished one of the ‘one hundred LED blocks’ and had it hanging at the Art House this weekend. Good to see it

The Art House Christmas arts and crafts party 2-4 December

I will have some of my things at The Art House Christmas arts and crafts party this weekend. Will be there on Friday evening f

starting to light the hundred LED blocks at last

Finished making the five blocks with the big mould and after much sanding and polishing I’m ready to start the lighting.

The story of the mould making near disaster …

…so what happened when I was making the big mould? Now it’s all over and the ending is happy, I can tell you. Ever

more seaweeds and becoming a freelance artist and illustrator…

Things change. I worked for Cornwall Wildlife Trust for twenty four years. Now I am a freelance artist and illustrator. And as