Sarah McCartney

embedding in resin

new year garage update…

It wasn’t that long ago that I did a big tidy up in my garage. Yet it was back to busy chaos again almost immediately an

the first 100 led block lit

So I finished one of the ‘one hundred LED blocks’ and had it hanging at the Art House this weekend. Good to see it

starting to light the hundred LED blocks at last

Finished making the five blocks with the big mould and after much sanding and polishing I’m ready to start the lighting.

second block now out of the mould

Putting the two blocks together and getting a to see how five blocks will look.

making block number 2

I have decided to call the one hundred resins blocks. This is block 1 so far. Not sure how many I will make but I want to get

white resin and out of the mould

First layer of white resin poured. Remember this is the back. Detail on the light box. Really like this. Things under the surf

a secret… one hundred little squares

I have a whole week of holiday before me without all the seasonal distractions.  I’m free to play and get on with t

one hundred little squares lit by one hundred LEDs – there’s an idea

So I finished slicing up the wood. It is now tied into little bundles and stacked up on shelves. For later! Back to the resins

not making art …

I haven’t made any art for a long time. Nothing has happened in my studio, I haven’t used my sketchbooks, taken an

panic! – something is eating my wings …

Something is eating my wings…I had to put all my small wings in resin a few weeks ago because they were being eaten and