Sarah McCartney


new year garage update…

It wasn’t that long ago that I did a big tidy up in my garage. Yet it was back to busy chaos again almost immediately an

the first 100 led block lit

So I finished one of the ‘one hundred LED blocks’ and had it hanging at the Art House this weekend. Good to see it

The Art House Christmas arts and crafts party 2-4 December

I will have some of my things at The Art House Christmas arts and crafts party this weekend. Will be there on Friday evening f

starting to light the hundred LED blocks at last

Finished making the five blocks with the big mould and after much sanding and polishing I’m ready to start the lighting.

making block number 2

I have decided to call the one hundred resins blocks. This is block 1 so far. Not sure how many I will make but I want to get

a secret… one hundred little squares

I have a whole week of holiday before me without all the seasonal distractions.  I’m free to play and get on with t

finished, hung and lit …

Couldn’t decide whether to put pictures of the light pieces on before Open Studios or not but this evening I f

all lit up …

This one isn’t finished. The resin and frame need polishing and it needs fixings at the back. I will post it when its fi

and its out … first out of the big cube

Still feeling weak from being ill but I went out to my garage just now and pulled this out of the cube – its such a deep

soldering on a Sunday

Spent Sunday morning with a friend learning about wiring LED’s. Never got electricity at school and anyway that was a lo